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My Journey with RA

I started to feel unwell the first weekend of March in 2008.  I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) a few months later in July 2008.  We know that genetics can play a part in this disease and in my case it was my mother who had suffered for many years with RA.  My family and friends were devastated with my news, and I was having a very difficult time because my sister and I had looked after my mom for 8.5 years before she passed in June 2006.  The future became frightening because I had projected my mother’s fate upon myself.  
I am very grateful for the research that is underway. I was lucky my GP referred me to a wonderful rheumatologist who put me on a research trial.  The nurse and doctor were very inspiring. They told me that I would get my "regular" life back eventually.  Of course, I wasn't sure if I could believe them based on my mom's experience.  

My involvement with the Arthritis Research Foundation grew from attending an event with a friend in 2011. I’m proud to raise money and awareness for the ground breaking research that will help others like me who are affected by arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Thanks to innovation and research dollars many new drugs were available.  Although they have side effects and I still feel pain occasionally, I'm so grateful for these medications.  
I want to help beat these diseases ... it’s my turn to give back! 

For more information on Power of Movement, please visit www.powerofmovement.ca and for information on the Arthritis Research Foundation and the work that it supports, please visit www.beatarthritis.ca.


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